Aviva Frank

Aviva Frank is a sociologist focusing on gender and sexuality studies and inequality studies. She is passionate about social justice and actively works to enrich her activism with her studies, and her studies with her activism. Aviva is also an experienced sex educator, specializing in LQBTQIA and disability inclusive sex education.  In her free time Aviva enjoys going to museums and botanical gardens, sketching, and discussing critical theory.

Gender and Sexuality

2019 - 2020

Columbia University

Masters in Sociology from Columbia University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences’ Sociological Research Masters program.

Queer studies

Inequality Studies

2015 - 2019

State University of New York at Purchase

Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Art majoring in Sociology and Gender Studies and minoring in Political Science. Graduated in excellent academic standing with a GPA since matriculation of above 3.8 and a consistent history of active participation in campus life, student government, and clubs.



Over the past year I have conducted ethnographic and interview research exploring nonbinary drag subcultures in New York City. My research currently focuses on the impact of COVID-19 on this community, with an emphasis on the shift to digital drag and its impact on the practice, experience, and messages of drag performance.




& Lecturing

Adept at articulating complex ideas particularly in educational contexts and well versed in public speaking.

Teaching & Tutoring

Experienced at teaching in the social sciences, skills include administering in-class assignments, leading lessons, and one on one tutoring. 

Qualitative Research

Trained and adept at qualitative research, skills include research design, interview methodology, ethnography, transcription, coding data, data analysis, and writing research papers.


  •  NVivo and ATLAS.ti

  • Full Microsoft Office Suite including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel

  • LaTex typesetting system and online LaTex editor Overleaf

  • HTML and HTML editing program Microsoft Visual Studio

  • Zoom and other internet conferencing services